Code resources

Our front-end foundations and components are a collection of CSS and HTML files that Co-op’s Digital services use.

The prototyping kit uses the foundations and components as its base and gives you a quick way to test and learn.

Front-end foundations

The front-end foundations are the base styles (for things like layout and typography) that all Co-op services use.

You can install individual foundations packages or the foundations CSS that brings them all together - depending on your needs.

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Front-end components

The front-end components are common UI patterns thaat have been identified as useful to more than one service.

You can install these individually. Only use them if you are sure that they fulfil your user’s needs.

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Webpack build pipeline

Coming soon. A default webpack set-up for your service.

If you need more information on setting this up now email

Prototyping kit

The prototyping kit brings together all the foundations and components in one package that allows you to build early versions of services and publish them to the internet quickly.

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Email templates

A basic Co-op branded responsive email template for service messages.

See the email templates

Pattern library

A collection of our design patterns as code snippets with guidance. Use in conjunction with the front-end toolkit and/or prototyping kit.

Visit the pattern libary