Contributing to the design system

Design changes

You can propose design changes to anything. This includes typography, colours or a whole new component or pattern.

Add any proposed changes to our component lounge Miro board (Co-op Miro account required to edit).

We need you to answer 3 questions, these are:

  1. Do you have examples?
  2. Why do we need these changes?
  3. Is there any research to support the changes?

Propose a design change to the design system

What happens next?

We’ll prioritse the changes in the Miro board and decide if we want to discuss it in our regular meet up.

Then it will be further prioritised in our backlog. We would love for you to work with us to get your changes into the design system, if you have time.

Code changes

If you’re using the design system and find any issues or have suggestions on how to improve it you can add these as issues in Github.

Propose a change to the Co-op front-end

What happens next?

Issues will be prioritised to be worked on. For example a major issue with accessibility would be prioritsed as high and worked on as soon as possible.

Changes to this website

If you find have any changes you’d like to make to the design system documentation.