Getting started

Use our guides to get set up with our design files, prototyping kit and front-end code

Get started with:


All the design foundations and components are available as Sketch symbols you can use in your service.

We use Abstract to distribute and collaborate on our design files.

You should get set up with this when you start.

For access email


Our prototyping kit comes with 2 main options. A parcel.js installation with zero configuration and all the foundations and components as code snippets to allow you to build a prototype, publish it to the internet and learn quickly.

We also offer a webpack version for more advanced users that can be customised more easily for your needs.

We have created a series of video guides (for Parcel.js) to get you up and running quickly.

1. Installing the prototyping kit

2. Creating a basic page

Coming soon.

3. Publishing to the internet and password protecting

Coming soon.

Gulp prototyping kit

If you don’t want to download Docker, we still support our older Gulp prototyping kit based on the static site generator Jekyll.

Download the Gulp prototyping kit.


For a deeper dive into the code resources we offer visit the code resources page.