Validation live

Validation lets a user know that they need to amend the information they have entered. It should be flexible - allowing a person to enter information in the way they natuarally would.



Enter your full name

Enter an email address


<div class="coop-c-message coop-c-message--error" role="alert">
    <h2>There's a problem</h2>
    <p>Check the form. You must:</p>
        <li>Enter your full name</li>
        <li>Enter an email address</li>
    <div class="coop-form__row coop-c-form-error">
        <label for="client_name">Your full name</label>
        <p class="coop-c-form-error__text" aria-live="polite">Enter your full name</p>
        <input class="coop-form__input coop-form__invalid" type="text" value="" name="client[name]" id="client_name">
    <div class="coop-form__row coop-c-form-error">
        <label for="client_email_address">
            Your email address
            <span class="coop-label__hint">We'll only use this to contact you about your will.</span>
        <p class="coop-c-form-error__text" aria-live="polite">Enter an email address</p>
        <input class="coop-form__input coop-form__invalid" type="email" value="" name="client[email_address]" id="client_email_address">


Design and content

Build services that are flexible enough to allow users to give data in a way that they would naturally. For example we should allow users to enter a postcode in upper or lower case, with or without a space.

Validation errors should only be triggered on mandatory fields. They must be factual and help the user move on.

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