What alpha, beta and live mean

We label things in our design system as Alpha, Beta and Live to show where they are in their lifecycle.

You can use all the information in the design system in your product or service. However you should rigorously test patterns or code that are labelled Alpha or Beta.

Our status labels

This our first try at the guidelines, design pattern or code. We’ve created it because we’ve seen a user need and formed a hypothesis about how to meet it. We’re now doing user research and testing to give us more evidence to understand whether it works. Often we’re not ready to share the things that are in an Alpha state.
We’ve done some research and testing, and we’re getting more confident in the guidelines, design pattern or code. However, we’re continuing to test and learn - based on what we find out, it might change in the near future.
We’re confident that the guidelines, design pattern or code work for the people who need to use them. It doesn’t mean they can’t change in the future - we’ll continuously review and improve them. It also doesn’t mean that you must use them - it’s important to find out what works for the users of your product or service. Anything without a label is live.