We're currently working on the future of the Design system at Co-op

We'll start talking about this publicly as soon as we can. In the meantime this site will remain up to date with our current design patterns.

Analysing and using research Alpha

Our analysing and using research guidance is in Alpha. That means we're working on it, but we're not ready to share it yet. This page is here because we intend to publish them at a later date.

Identify action to take and create a hypothesis

Once you’ve understood your data identify the action or actions you believe you can take to solve the problem. It can often help to document these as a hypothesis:

  1. We’ve seen… (some thing in the data)
  2. We think this is because… (the insight analysis)
  3. So if we... (do something, such as change a design)
  4. We’ll see… (a positive outcome or improvement)
  5. We’ll know this is true when… (a way to measure the effect of the change)

Take the action

Put your experiment live or usability test it, either moderated or unmoderated.


Evaluate it success This may be via web analytics, for example did a drop out rate improve? Or it may be a qualitative measure, for example, did you observe the users navigate site or service more easily?

Iterate and Repeat

Keep working on it until you’re happy. The continue to work on what you need to know, keep experimenting and keep improving.