We're currently working on the future of the Design system at Co-op

We'll start talking about this publicly as soon as we can. In the meantime this site will remain up to date with our current design patterns.

What is user research?

User research helps teams make more informed decisions by providing them with evidence into their users’ behaviour, experiences and needs. Combining qualitative and quantitative techniques allows for a greater degree of clarity and confidence than using one or the other separately.

Qualitative and Quantitative research

  • Quantitative research will give you data about what users are doing and how many of them are doing it
  • Qualitative research will give you data about why users are doing (or not doing) something and how to make something better

Qualitative sources can be moderated usability tests, unmoderated remote tests, interviews, feedback pages or questions, complaints, requests for help etc.

Quantitative sources can be Google Analytics, numbers of complaints about a particular issue, number of calls, surveys, keyword searches or heatmaps from a tool such as Hotjar.

However, data is not insight. Insight happens when data is analysed and interpreted by people to understand what that data is telling us.

Meeting user needs will allow the Co-op to increase profits and awareness by helping people completing the jobs they came to us to get done in the best way possible.

User research will provide evidence to identify if we are meeting those needs, help the team to identify how we could better meet them and also to help the team identify additional needs.