What we're working on

The design system team works in the open. This page shows what we’re doing and why we think it’s important.


Currently we’re working on:

Developing processes


  • researching how people use the design system and finding solutions to common pain points (for example keeping our design libraries and front-end code in sync)
  • looking at how we make contributing to the design system and keeping up to date as simple as possible

Why is it important?

Our design system relies on the community at Co-op using it and trusting it. It needs to be simple to use and easy to work with. Before we go further we need the foundations in place to be able to scale.


Next we plan to work on:

  • documentation and the audiences it needs to serve
  • the backlog of changes and suggestions we’ve built up


We run regular meet-ups and monitor the health of our design system with data and user research.

Feedback or new proposals might not be acted on immediately but it will go into our backlog to be prioritised.

Getting input from across Co-op is important so please contribute.


Updates to the design system are tracked on our updates page.